When you walk in our restaurant you will be able to taste the smell of savory, and sweet barbecue aroma.

We believe in focusing on Korean barbecue as an event itself, where you experience the process of combining varieties of taste on a Table Top Grill

To experience the sound of sizzling meat and good talks, the taste of good food being made in-front of you, and embalmed in the perfumes of good company.



Cho Sun offers traditional and contemporary Korean cuisines including soups, stews, hot pots, Korean barbecue, noodles and vegetarian dishes.

All in a place where diners can enjoy quality Korean cuisine in the city of Austin.



Please do not hesitate to ask one of our servers to help with grilling your barbecue if you are not familiar with the process, however note that it is not the server's responsibility to cook. Our staff is there to support the diners with expertise and solutions. 


pork belly

pork belly